New Local Date Association Hosts Federal Ag Official In Thermal

The newly formed American Date Industry Export Trade Association is hosting  U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service Administrator Daniel B. Whitley at a reception at Aziz Farms in Thermal.

It is Wednesday December 6th 2023 from 9 until 11:30 a-m.

Mr. Whitley will share information related to a variety of federal programs with emphasis on the Regional Agricultural Promotion Program, and support for the export of specialty crop resources.

District 4 Director Brenda Estrada from the USDA Farm Services Agency also will address attendees, presenting information on the agency’s work related to past, present, and future emergency relief package activities.

The American Date Industry Export Trade Association is a newly formed export trade association for date growers, a partnership between the date-growing regions of the Coachella Valley and Bard Valley which is in Yuma Arizona.


Photo looking up at tall palm trees.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR