IID Gets Infrastructure Grant For East Valley & Imperial Valley Upgrades

Imperial Irrigation District has secured 38 million dollars, about 26 million of that in federal grants from American taxpayers.

The money will be used to upgrade energy infrastructure in the Eastern Coacehlla Valley and into Imperial County.

Nearly 32 million dollars will be used to improve the 60 mile K-Line transmission line.  It brings power to Mecca, North shore and Bombay Beach. The goal is to strengthen the line against severe weather.  ABotu 24 million dollars is from FEMA’s Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities Program.

IID will spend nearly 4 millon dollars to buy two large portable generators which will be used during storms and natural disasters.

Two and a half million dollars will be spent upgrading electricity service in the Eastern Coachella Valley.


Imperial Irrigation District crews work on a power pole installation May 2024

Photo from IID La Quinta CA