Wild Horses, Herding Dogs Available For Adoption

More than 60 horses and 40-plus dogs are available for adoption after they were confiscated by the Riverside County Department of Animal Services (RCDAS) animal control unit as part of a cruelty investigation. If an owner does not render reimbursement of the animals seized within 14 days, the animals are legally deemed abandoned per Penal Code 597.1(h). In such cases, RCDAS arranges for the care of the animals as is seen necessary. The animals were impounded in late March. 

“We are at a point in this on-going investigation where we are able to reach out to residents and rescue groups that would want to help rescue or adopt and care for these animals and give them the quality of life that they deserve,” said Erin Gettis, director, Riverside County Department of Animal Services.

The animals are now available for adoption to the public and transfer to rescue organizations, according to Gettis. Placement will begin on Friday, April 12.

The horses are Aztecas, Quarter Horse Crosses and Friesian Crosses. Experienced horse owners are a must for adopters. With the exception of a few, the unhandled horses are considered feral and are not halter broken. Guarantees cannot be made regarding their condition, trainability or rideability. All of the horses require teeth floating and hoof trimming.  Ages range from two days old to the mid 20’s. The herd consists of stallions, mares with foals, and pregnant or possibly pregnant mares.

Adoption or rescue of the horses is by appointment only.

The dogs are mostly mixed herding breeds, such as Australian shepherd, border collie, and German shepherd-type dogs ranging in age from adults, puppies, to moms with puppies. The dogs can be seen at the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus during normal business hours (10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Saturday). 

If you are interested in adoption or are an organization willing to take on some of these animals in need, please contact RCDAS at [email protected] with the word “horses” in the subject line. 

Visit: www.rcdas.org


Wild Horses up for adoption in Riverside County CA.

Photo from
Riverside County Animal Services Dept April 15th 2024