Woman Faces Charges In Palm Desert Fire That Destroyed Four Businesses

30 year old Natalie Radu is jailed in Banning and facing charges in last Sunday’s fire in Palm Desert.

That fire destroyed 4 local businesses in the Plaza de Monterey Plaza at Monterey and Country Club in Palm Desert.

Radu was detained early Sunday morning at the scene of the fire that destroyed Papa Dan’s Pizza & Pasta, Miracle-Ear, Reverse Mortgage Works and D’Coffee Bouteaque.

Now Radu is facing two felony counts.

CalFire is calling the fire “recklessly caused”, charging Radu with recklessly causing a fire to a structure.

Because the businesses were closed at 3:30 in the morning when the fire started,  no one was seriously hurt.

One deputy suffered minor injuries.

The other businesses in the shopping center, including Bristol Farms, and  Sherman’s,  are open for business.


Metal police handcuffs

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR