U-S Senate Considering A 32 Hour Work Week For U-S Workers…While Ensuring Workers Get Paid For 40 Hours

U-S Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is pushing a bill on Capitol Hill that could prove the end of businesses across the country.

The modern standard of labor in the United States, since 1940, has been based on a 40 hour work week.

It was established in the Fair Labor Standards Act.

But Sanders wants to change that, by establishing a four-day work week in the U.S.

Not just 4 days, but 4 days at 8 hours a day.  So, a full-time worker, being paid by the hour,  would only have to work 32 hours a week, before being eligible for overtime pay.

But how would people who are struggling to make ends meet working 40 hours, possible make ends meet working only 32 hours?

Well, Sanders proposal would NOT mean a smaller paycheck for workers.

His proposal would phase in a 32 hour work week gradually over a 4-year period, with employers still paying workers for 40 hours, but getting only 32 hours of work from the employees.

Workers benefits they are entitled to, would remain the same.

Keep an eye on what is titled the Thirty-Two Hour Workweek Act now in the U-S Senate.


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