Hold Onto Those Mylar Balloons; IID Suggests Using Them Indoors Only

Yes, it is that time of year, graduations, through college protesters have done their best to upend that annual ritual on campuses around the country, and of course, Mother’s Day.


And there are plenty of people who choose to celebrate with Mylar balloons.


But those metallic balloons, which are coated with a metallic alloy, and filled with helium,  often drift skyward and hit power lines and then everyone is left in the dark.


So, hang on tight to your Mylar balloons, or request a balloon weight from the store you buy the balloons at  and attached the weight to the string on the balloon.   That way, if you let go, the weight will keep the balloon from drifting into power lines, causing short circuits, power outages and possibly fires.


To reduce these risks, IID suggests the following tips:

  • Attach a weight to metallic balloons, or safely tie them down
  • Never release a Mylar balloon outdoors
  • Keep Mylar balloons away from power lines
  • Never use metallic ribbons with balloons
  • Always deflate metallic balloons and dispose of them properly

If you see a metallic balloon that has come into contact with a power line, keep yourself and all other items and people at least 20 feet away and report it by calling IID at 1-800-303-7756.

Gold and White Mylar Balloons photo from Imperial Irrigation District May 2024