Plenty Of Wealth Out There

The richest Americans are doing pretty well, as you might imagine.

New figures from the Federal Reserve show that the top one-percent of wage earners in the U.S. own more wealth than all middle class Americans combined.

But it’s close.

Through the first half of 2023,  26-and-a-half percent of all household wealth in the United States belongs to people whose income puts them in the top 1% of wage earners in the country.

That totals 38-point-seven trillion dollars.

Middle class households own 26% of the nation’s wealth.

The Federal Reserve does not break down how the wealthy people became wealthy.

Some might have inherited their money.  Others may have worked hard, perhaps started a business, took some financial risks, paid their way through college, possibly took advantage of some good DNA and turned out to be star athletes, or simply married a wealthy spouse.

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Business Man Displaying a Spread of Cash over a green vintage background.

Photo by Alpha Media USA Portland OR