CA Governor Jets To The Other Side Of The World To Talk About Reducing Emissions

California Governor Gavin Newsom has addressed a climate summit at the Vatican in Rome.

After jetting overseas on a private jet powered by fossil fuels, the Governor attacked oil companies for continuing to produce oil which has helped develop the world we live in, built the hotel he is staying in and every other hotel in the world, paved the roads he travels on and every other road we all travel on, and  built the airports his jet landed in, and every other airport.

Newsom also took some shots at Donald Trump for meeting with oil industry executives recently in Florida.

Newsom is in Rome to talk about climate change, a topic which hinges on the belief that preventing planet earth’s temperature from rising 1 and a half degrees Celsius is critical to preventing the implosion of the planet and the end of human life.  The end of human life would be good for the planet, as it would end climate change and the planet would then live happily ever after without human beings.

Overnight on Friday morning May 17th  2024 in California, only 31% of electricity was being produced by renewable sources.  13% of electricity was generated by natural gas, 18% of electricity was generated by large hydroelectric facilities, 5% was coming from nuclear power. Batteries were producing none of California’s electricity overnight.  32% of California’s electricity was being imported from other states, where it is produced by coal and natural gas, and sold to California at the most expensive rates. 


Passenger airplane landing at dusk.

Photo by Alpha Media Portland OR