Two Elderly People With Health Problems Die From The Flu; Public Health Officials Issue Tips On Staying Healthy

Riverside County is reporting 2 deaths from the flu.

So, County health officials are urging residents to take steps to protect themselves from influenza and other respiratory illnesses, including getting vaccinated.

The deaths involved a 73-year-old man from mid-county and a 79-year-old woman from western Riverside County. They are  the first two reported influenza-associated deaths in Riverside County this flu season, which generally runs from October to April. Both had underlying health issues and died at local hospitals.

Dr. Geoffrey Leung, Public Health Officer for Riverside County says  “There are simple steps that can be taken to protect ourselves. Most important of these is to get vaccinated. We recommend that everyone over 6 months of age receive the flu vaccine.”

For younger children and older adults as well as people with certain health conditions, respiratory viruses can cause more severe disease and may require additional medical care.

In addition to vaccine, the public can take these steps to protect themselves from flu, COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses:

  • Wash hands thoroughly and frequently
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Keep children home when they are sick
  • Consider indoor masking
  • Disinfect frequently used surfaces

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A vaccination immunization syringe .

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR