Need assistance with your taxes? The Gartland Group can help you!

We have represented clients in a wide range of cases involving complex tax issues, bankruptcy, and tax preparation.

Resolving overwhelming tax debts.

Living with overwhelming tax debts can destroy your business and personal life. But tax debts which seem insurmountable can in fact be resolved through the right approach. The tools available include installment agreements, Offers in Compromise, asserting the bar of the statute of limitations, or if necessary, discharging taxes in bankruptcy. Mr. Gartland is a widely recognized expert in dealing with the IRS Collection Division. We routinely negotiate lien and levy releases, installment agreements and offers in compromise for our clients, and thus help free them from their unmanageable tax difficulties.


In seeking to resolve tax problems, sometimes the best defense is a good offense. Contrary to popular opinion, many income tax debts are dischargeable in bankruptcy, and we often determine that the best possible result for a client can be achieved through a properly timed and managed bankruptcy proceeding. In addition, other bankruptcy firms frequently call on us to serve as special tax counsel to address the difficult tax issues that often arise in complex individual or business bankruptcy cases.

Tax Preparations.

We are a full service firm providing tax preparation for personal, business and corporate returns. Non-resident, amended, past year returns. We have experience in audit and tax court representation.

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