Skycap At SFO Hits For $20M On Scratcher Lottery Ticket

The big question for Durwin Hickman is how much longer he plans to work as a skycap at San Francisco International Airport.

Last week, while on a lunch break, he spent 30 bucks to buy a California Lottery Scratcher ticket called Set For Life.

And now he is.

He won 20 million dollars or 800-thousand dollars for the next 25 years.

The liquor store in Hayward that sold the  ticket to Hickman, is getting $100,000.

Hickman says he plans to buy a house.

But the average price of a home in the San Francisco Bay Area is more than one million dollars.

He might be able to swing for a condo or a mobile home.



Three money bags and stacks of money on white with soft shadow.

Photo from Alpha Media USA Portland OR