Renovation Finished; Coachella Cuts The Ribbon At Newly-Expanded Fire House

The City of Coachella and the Riverside County Fire Department will be celebrating the completion of $7.3 million in renovations made to Fire Station #79  on Thursday, April 25th at 10am.

The project broke ground in October 2022, and included expansion of the building, critical updates to increase efficiencies, and full architectural update to complement Coachella’s
downtown district.

“We now have a facility that is worthy of our first responders, both inside and out. A lot has changed over the past four and half decades, including the way firefighters carry out their duties. Now they are
equipped with an environment that is both innovative and efficient which they count on to aid in their responsiveness,” said Mayor Steven Hernandez.

Expansion efforts included living, office and housing facilities to accommodate potential staffing and services, including separate facilities for female firefighters. Upgrades included the replacement of all
existing mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems with energy-efficient, code-compliant systems. A 72-hour compliant emergency power generation was also installed to meet regulations as an emergency
operations center.

As the Department Fire Chief, I am thrilled to celebrate the grand re-opening of Coachella Fire Station 79” stated Chief Bill Weiser. “This momentous occasion not only symbolizes our unwavering
commitment to serving and protecting our community, but also signifies a new chapter of enhanced readiness and resilience. We stand ready to continue our legacy of excellence, ensuring the safety and
well-being of all those we proudly serve.



New Coachella Fire House April 25th 2024

Photo from City of Coachella CA