Quaker Oats Recalling Some Products Due To Salmonella

We are told by the federal government that eating oats can be part of a healthy diet.

Well, now we are being told there is a recall of dozens of products made by Quaker Oats.

Granola bars and cereal products are being recalled for potential salmonella risk.

The Quaker Oats Company issued the recall on Friday Dec 15th 2023, advising consumers who bought the affected products to throw them out.

The affected products are listed on the FDA website, and include various flavors of the Quaker Chewy Bars and puffed granola cereal.

The granola and cereal products were sold nationwide. The company says it hasn’t received any confirmed reports of illnesses related to the recall.


Big bowl of dried oats, with a wood spoon in the bowl.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR