Prop 1 & Measure A Poised For Victory

As of 9 a-m Friday March 15th Riverside County’s voter turnout for the March 5th 2024 Primary is at 30.4 %, which means under one-third of eligible voters bothered to vote.  


Measure A School Bond Measure in Desert Sands Unified School District, the Yes votes have 57%, the No votes have 42%.   In order to pass, Measure A needs at least 55% Yes votes.


Yes on Prop 1 is leading 50 to 49 percent statewide.


In all of the upcoming races, the top two finishers head to the General Election in November 2024.


In the U-S Senate race statewide, Full-Term, Adam Schiff leads Steve Garvey 32 to 31 percent.  Katie Portie managed just 15%. Barbara Lee who has been in the U S House of Representatives for a quarter of a  century, grabbed just 9 percent of the vote. She has blamed her poor showing on corporate support that is not in favor of a progressive black woman.


In the Partial Term race to fill out this current term of late U S Senator Dianne Feinstein… Steve Garvey has 33%, Adam Schiff has 30%, Katie Porter has 17%, Barbara Lee 10% 


It will be Garvey vs Schiff in the Partial Term and Full-Term races on the November 2024 ballot.  The Partial Term winner will serve in the U S Senate for just 3 months.

The Full Term winner will serve a 6 year term starting in January 2025.



25th Congressional District covers Riverside, Imperial and San Bernardino Counties.  Raul Ruiz is the incumbent, and he has 46%.  Ian Weeks has 20%, Cecilia Truman has 17%, Indio City Councilman Oscar Ortiz has 9%.

It will be Ruiz vs Weeks in the general election November 2024


41st Congressional District is entirely in Riverside County.

Ken Calvert is the incumbent and has 52%, Will Rollins has 38%, Anna Nevenic has 8%.  It will be Calvert vs Rollins in the general election November 2024


Newly redrawn California Senate District 19 will cover Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.  Rosilie Ochoa Bogh has 53%, Lisa Middleton has 46%.   They’ll meet again in the November 2024 General Election.


California Senate District 31 is in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

45% for Cynthia Navarro, 39% for Sabrina Cervantes.  Navarro and Cervantes will view for the seat in November 2024.




CA Assembly District 36 Imperial, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties

Eduardo Garcia’s seat. He is not seeking re-election

Jeff Gonzalez has 34%,  Joey Acuna Jr has 19%, Edgard Garcia has 13%, Kaline Morse 11%, and Indio City Councilman Waymond Fermon has 8%.

Gonzalez and Acuna Jr will face-off in November.


CA Assembly District 47 in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties

Greg Wallis is the incumbent. Districtwide, Greg Wallis has 48%, Christy Holstege 46%

Holstege leads 50 to 44 percent in Riverside County.

Wallis leads 63 to 33 percent in San Bernardino County.

They will meet in the general election in November 2024


CA Assembly District 58  covers Riverside and San Bernardino Counties

No incumbent. Leticia Castillo 48%, Ronald Fierro and Clarissa Cervantes have 25% each, with Fierro leading Cervantes by 10 votes. 




Voting hand with ballot and wooden box.

Photo by Alpha Media USA Portland OR