Palm Desert Finalizing 5 Voting Districts In Town

By a vote of 5-0, the Palm Desert City Council has approved the creation of 5 voting districts in town starting with the elections later this year.   The Council approving District Map 109 Renumbered B.

On January 25th 2024,  the City Council will go back to work to formally adopt the ordinance, and vote to kill Ranked Choice Voting, part of a deal made by the City Council to end Ranked Choice Voting if the Council went to a system of 5 voting districts.

The City hired people who broke down the population of the City based on age, race, income, language, education, immigration status, employment status, if there were children in a home, and even factored in whether you were renting a home or owned a home, or if you lived in single family housing or multi-family housing.  After looking at numerous redistricting maps, the City Council finally settled on Map 109 Renumbered B.

Now instead of all voters in the city voting for City Council members,  small districts of voters will elect people only from their district to the City Council .

Voters in Districts 1,2 and 3 will vote in the 2024 local elections.

Voters in Districts 4 and 5 will vote in the 2026 local elections.




Volunteer handing out I Voted stickers after filling out a election ballot at a district voting station.

Photo by Alpha Media USA Portland OR