Overnight Crash Kept First Responders Busy For 8 Hours On Interstate 10 Eastbound Near Cactus City

Update: Crash scene was cleared at 9 a-m Tues Feb 27th 2024


Interstate 10 eastbound, about midway between the Cactus City Rest Stop and Box Canyon Road, first responders were on the scene since 1:37 until in the morning, until about 9 in the morning,  Tues Feb 27th 2024.

A big rig truck crashed with 2 other vehicles, the big rig rolling over and landing on its side.

A woman and a child were trapped in one of the other vehicles.

There is a construction zone there, and K-Rails were in place at the time of the crash.

About a half mile past the crash site, a UHAUL Box truck crashed between the K-Rails, and the split open, spilling the contents.

The CHP reports just minor injuries with one person taken to the hospital.



Fire Engine and Sheriffs Car at Emergency Scene.


Photo by Alpha Media USA Portland OR