No Love In The Desert; Dogs Find New Homes In The Heartland

Riverside County’s Department of Animal Services has found new homes for 77 dogs.

But not in the County.

Those dogs were at the county shelters in Thousand Palms and San Jacinto but there was no one out here interested in adopting them.

But VCA Charities was able to transport the dogs to the Midwest, and people there adopted them.

As stray animals continue to enter the local county shelters every day, the community can help  reduce the number of strays by keeping pets leashed, collared with an ID tag, and microchipped. And if you’ve lost or found a pet, visit to make a digital facial recognition match for a happy reunion.

View adoptable pets here: 



Riverside County Animal Services staffer getting a dog ready to transport to the Midwest for adoption.

Photo from Riverside County Dept of Animal Services