Nissan Launches 18 Billion Dollar Program To Build Electric Vehicles

Nissan is making a big investment in electric vehicles.

The automaker will spend 18-billion dollars through 2030.

That money will go toward developing 15 all-electric vehicle under a program called Nissan Ambition 2030.

a year from now, in the Fall of 2022, Nissan will deliver its all-electric SUV to the marketplace.  It’s called Ariya.

Price tag:  47-thousand dollars.

In California, though the price of gasoline is high, at least you know there will be gasoline to buy, when you need it.

With an electric vehicle, you have the uncertainty of guessing if the major utilities companies will even be able to produce enough electricity from wind and solar to keep the grid energized and electric vehicles charged.

There are frequent power outages across California whenever winds get strong, as power companies fear power lines being knocked down, starting wildfires, costing the power companies billions of dollars due to lawsuits and liability.

They are being called Public Safety Power Shutoffs.


An electric car plugged into a charger.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR