New Registrar Of Voters Has Worked In The Registrar’s Office For 21 Years; Long-Time Assistant Steps Into Top Post

Riverside County has a new Registrar of Voters.

It’s the guy who has been doing the job in the interim the past two months, since the hasty resignation of the previous Registrar Rebecca Spencer.

The Board of Supervisors has appointed Art Tinoco, giving him the full-time position.

“After conducting a recruitment, it became clear that we could rely on Art to continue leading the department into the future,” said Board Chair Kevin Jeffries. “Art is a committed public servant, who knows how to conduct complex elections, with up to dozens of contests and measures on a single ballot. He is also moving the department towards more timely results, building enhanced community outreach and trust with the community.”

It will be hard to predict if some of Spencer’s policies will continue under Tinoco,  as Tinoco was Spencer’s Assistant Registrar and held the Assistant position for eight years prior to stepping into the Interim Registrar’s role in October 2023, when Spencer made a quick exit.

Tinoco has been with the County of Riverside Registrar’s Office for more than  21 years.

“Voting is fundamental to our democracy, and I am honored to do this work on behalf of all of our residents,” said ROV Art Tinoco. “I look forward to continuing the preparations for our 2024 Presidential Primary and General Elections and ensuring all eligible citizens in Riverside County have access to register and cast their ballot.” 

There are approximately 44 full-time ROV office staff. However, the staffing team grows exponentially to more than 900 during countywide elections with temporary assignment employees. This allows the department to scale up and staff elections duties appropriately for larger, complex elections. 

There are approximately 1.3 million registered voters in Riverside County. Visit to register to vote. If you have recently moved to Riverside County, you must re-register to vote with the Riverside County ROV office to receive a ballot for upcoming elections. 



Riverside County Registrar of Voters Art Tinoco.

Photo from Riverside County Executive Office