New Program For Business Entrepreneurs…If You Are Eligible

The City of Palm Springs will invest in a Small Business Entrepreneur Pilot Program with the Caravanserai Project, a new Small Business Development (SBDC) Center in Palm Springs.


It’s part of the the Orange County/Inland Empire SBDC Network.


The name Caravanserai  is well-known meeting place along trade routes from Asia to North Africa to Southeast Europe.


With the local project the word is a metaphor for the project’s mission to provide a safe space for entrepreneurs to get support they need and continue their journey forward. 


The new pilot program will provide business training and access to capital to early-stage  entrepreneurs who are Women, LGBTQ+, Veterans, Black people,  Spanish-speaking populations, people with disabilities, and immigrants regardless of their legal status.


The goal is to provide financial security, economic mobility, and systemic change.


Applicants must participate in a four-month business program and meet eligibility requirements. Upon completion, entrepreneurs will receive capital assistance for early-stage business planning and development that will help them take the next steps in establishing their business.


The new center is now open at  2150 East Tahquitz Canyon Way in Palm Springs. 


For more information about the program, visit



Business Man Displaying a Spread of Cash over a green vintage background.

Photo by Alpha Media USA Portland OR