Large Dogs At P S Animal Shelter Looking For Love In The New Year

The Palm Springs Animal Shelter has too many dogs.  Big dogs.

It is looking to residents to adopt big dogs and ease the situation at the Animal Shelter. 

Over the past two weeks the Animal Shelter has had an overwhelming influx of dogs coming in…48 dogs to be exact.

It’s so crowded, some kennels have 2 and 3 dogs in them.

The shelter is way above capacity.

Overcrowded conditions can lead to heightened stress levels, increased susceptibility to illnesses, and a decrease in the overall quality of life for these animals. 

If you want to adopt a large dog, the adoption fee is just 25 dollars.

The Palm Springs Animal Shelter also needs people to volunteer their time,  foster a pet, and donate cash.

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Here are the Palm Springs Animal Shelter hours:


Monday:  (Effective 1/2/24: Open for intake only)

Tuesday:  (Effective 1/2/24: 11-5)

Wednesday: 11-5

Thursday: 1-7

Friday: 11-5

Saturday: 11-5

Sunday: 11-5


Photo of large breed dogs courtesy of Palm Springs CA Animal Shelter