Haley Loses To ‘None Of These Candidates’ In Nevada GOP Primary

Republican Presidential contender  Nikki Haley  was the only candidate whose name was on the Nevada Republican Presidential Primary ballot on Tuesday February 7th 2024.

It was either vote for Nikki or “none of these candidates”.

And more voters voted for “none of these candidates” than voted for Haley.

Donald Trump’s name was not on the ballot.

There were no delegates up for grabs in the Nevada GOP Primary.

But there will be delegates at stake in the Nevada Republican Caucus on Thursday Feb 8th 2024, and Donald Trump’s name will be on the ballot.

Trump is expected to win Thursday’s Republican caucus.

Why have a primary and a caucus?  It’s part of an ongoing GOP protest over election rules.

A spokeswoman for the Haley campaign says the former South Carolina governor is staying in the race despite the loss in Nevada.


Republican presidential candidate former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley speaks at a campaign event in Spartanburg, S.C., Monday, Feb. 5, 2024. (AP Photo/Matt Kelley) used locally Feb 7th 2024