Grants Will Help Sheriffs Dept Patrol Off-Road Use

The Riverside County Sheriffs Dept is applying for more than 213-thousand dollars in grants from the California State Parks Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division.

Illegal off-road vehicle use has resulted in conflicts with hikers, equestrians, and landowners. 

With the increasing population in Riverside County, off-road vehicle use is on the rise.

Law enforcement agencies are working to keep off-road vehicles off private land, and away from wilderness areas not open to off-road use.

Land management agencies are closing more public lands to off-road recreation because of a concern for endangered species such as the desert tortoise and fringe-toed lizard.

86-thousand dollars will be used for patrols in Joshua Tree National Park, and around the Salton Sea, Box Canyon, and Chiriaco Summit.


Three money bags and stacks of money on white with soft shadow.

Photo from Alpha Media USA Portland OR