District Attorney Seeks Public Help On 1989 Murder Investigation

The Riverside County Regional Cold Case Unit is seeking the public’s assistance identifying the family of a victim murdered in 1989.


In March 1989, the body of a male murder victim was found in a ravine off Highway 79, south of Interstate 10, in the Beaumont area. 


The victim had a single gunshot wound to his chest. When his body was found, the victim was wearing a “Cacharel” brand green and tan short-sleeve shirt and “DeeCee” brand white jeans work pants.


The Regional Cold Case Unit has now identified the victim as Jorge Lopez-Serrano. 


The Mexican Consulate has confirmed Lopez-Serrano had a wife and children while living in La Paz, Mexico in 1987.


Lopez-Serrano was a Mexican National and had been arrested several times in the late 1980s, including once by U.S. Border Patrol agents in San Diego on suspicion of smuggling undocumented immigrants into the United States.


He was arrested in Los Angeles for vehicle theft. 


Lopez-Serrano was known to use multiple names and multiple dates of birth during those arrests, in an effort to evade police.


Now the Riverside County Regional  Cold Case Unit is asking the public for information that may lead to the identity of the family members of Lopez-Serrano. 


Anyone with information regarding Lopez-Serrano or his family is asked to contact Investigator Jason Corey of the Regional Cold Case Unit. Any information provided will be treated as confidential upon request.

For updates and further information regarding the Lopez-Serrano case, please contact 951-955- 5567 or [email protected]


The Regional Cold Case Homicide Team is comprised of members of the DA’s Office Bureau of Investigation, the Riverside County Sheriff-Coroner Department, the FBI, and the Riverside Police Department. The team is available to assist in the investigation of cold case homicides for all Riverside County law enforcement agencies.



1989 Murder Victim Jorge Lopez Serrano

Photo from Riverside County District Attorney’s Office.