The last nuclear power plant in California is staying until at least 2030.

California regulators have approved keeping the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant running near San Luis Obispo for at least six more years. 

California Governor Gavin Newsom is now in the national spotlight, eyeing the White House, though he maintains he he no interest in being President.

Any Presidential aspirations he has would be destroyed if California’s power grid has power outage problem due to not having enough electricity to distribute across the state.

Newsom says it is necessary to keep Diablo Canyon open, to ensure electric grid reliability and reduce the risk of power outages. 

That State of California has already stopped using coal-powered plants, and is in the process of closing all its natural gas plants as well.  As of yet,  the State does not have enough renewable energy sources to keep the electric power grid operating smoothly.  So, the State has no choice but to get some power generation from nuclear power, which is clean, and has no emissions.

Nuclear power critics  are fighting tooth and nail to shut down Diablo Canyon immediately.


FILE – The Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, south of Los Osos, Calif., is viewed Sept. 20, 2005. California’s last operating nuclear power plant could get a second lease on life. The operator of California’s last nuclear power plant has suffered a setback in its efforts to extend the life of the twin reactors. Federal regulators rejected a request from Pacific Gas & Electric to resume consideration of a 2009 application to extend the plant’s life, concluding it would conflict with government regulations. (AP Photo/Michael A. Mariant, File) used locally Dec 15th 2023