Cheap Gas In Colorado; Expensive Gas In California

The solar eclipse of 2024 is now history, with untold damage to the earth, as millions of Americans traveled well beyond where they live to view the total eclipse in places like Texas, Illinois and New England.

Many of those people burning fossil fuels in their cars.  Some people ended up taking flights to get to their destination.

Triple-A puts the current average price for a gallon of gasoline  at three dollars and 60 cents nationwide.  Gasoline prices have risen 21 cents a gallon in the past month, and 53 cents a gallon since January 2024.

Prices are highest in California at five-dollars-37-cents a gallon while they’re the cheapest in Colorado, at three-oh-six. 

If you are lucky, you can find it around the desert for a close to or above 5 dollars a gallon. Some gas stations on tribal land are still selling it for under 5 dollars a gallon.   You can find cheaper prices at Costco, but you have to buy a membership, and wait in line, burning fuel, just to get a chance to get to the pump.


Emotional businessman counting money while getting gasoline at a gas station.

Photo from Alpha Media Palm Springs CA