CA Taxpayers Paying For Much Of The Cost Of A Bridge On Indian Canyon Drive Over The Wash In Palm Springs

The California Transportation Commission has awarded 300 million dollars in tax money to 15  road projects around the State.

50 million dollars is going to help pay for a bridge on Indian Canyon Drive over the wash in Palm Springs.

The road is often closed due to flooding from the Whitewater River, or from sand blown around by strong winds.

Officially the California Transportation Commission calls the bridge project on Indian Canyon Drive, the ACCESS Project.  ACCESS being an acronym for “Addressing Climate Change, Emergencies, and Sandstorms”

The Coachella Valley Association of Governments applied for the State money, which is funded by California taxpayers.

The California Transportation Commission says building a two bridges on Indian Canyon Drive over the wash will cost a total of 75 million dollars, and will “increase the resiliency of local disadvantaged communities by increasing their access to key destinations that are critical to their livelihood and well-being”.

The bridge is not just for motor vehicles either.

It will include lanes for bicyclists and pedestrians to travel safely up and down Indian Canyon drive through the wash, for anyone interested in walking to the train station or Jack In The Box or the Pilot gas station near Interstate 10.

The project’s design and engineering are underway.


Artists drawing of a bridge over the wash on Indian Canyon Drive in Palm Springs CA

Photo from California Transportation Commission