Busy DUI Checkpoint In Palm Desert; 32 Drivers Did Not Have a Drivers License

Sheriffs deputies were busy at a DUI checkpoint in Palm Desert Friday night February 23rd  2024.

They arrested 3 people for  DUI involving  alcohol, and one person for DUI involving drugs and alcohol combined.

Two more people were arrested for driving on a suspended license, and 1 person was arrested for providing a false name at a DUI checkpoint.

32 drivers were cited for operating a vehicle without a license. 1,075 vehicles were contacted during the checkpoint, 84 of those vehicles received secondary screening. 14 Field Sobriety Tests were conducted.

The DUI checkpoint was at Fred Waring Drive and Portola Ave in Palm Desert from 6:00 p.m. Friday night until 2 o’clock Saturday morning. 



A court gavel, a car key, and a shot glass of whiskey on a counter.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR