Boss Bothering You At Home After Work?  CA Legislature Working On A 3-Strikes Law To Punish The Boss

Is your boss pestering you after hours?


You have punched out and gone home for the day and you are getting calls and texts and emails from your supervisors?


Well, one way to end that is to turn off your device or have caller identity, at which point you can see when the boss is contacting you and ignore the call, let it go to voicemail.  You don’t have to answer the call.  But that option is not good enough for the people in the California Legislature.


So there is a bill in the California General Assembly right now, called the Right to Disconnect.  Supposedly it would protect you from being contacted by your boss after your work day is done.  Of course, the boss could still contact you in an emergency or for schedule changes.


But if the boss has a habit of contacting you after you have left work for the day, she or he would be subject to a fine of 100 dollars after the 3rd violation.


But you better find a way of documenting those violations or you have no way of proving it.  


The bill is currently in the California General Assembly Labor Committee.



Man with mullet and glasses talking on the phone..

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR