Coachella Man Bicycling Late At Night, Run Over & Killed in Thermal

The California Highway Patrol is searching for the driver of a vehicle that ran over and killed a bicyclist.


At 11:25 on the night of December 7th 2023,  54 year old Alfonso Andrade was riding a bicycle southbound on Grapefruit  Boulevard  south of Avenue 54 in Thermal, when he was hit by a car that was also heading southbound.


The driver of the car fled the scene.


Andrade was still in the road when a second vehicle hit him.


Investigators have not said whether he was killed by the first car or the second.



The bicyclist was killed.


The driver of the second vehicle stopped and called 9-1-1. 


Anyone with information regarding this crash should call CHP Officer Windsor, at (760) 772-5300. 



Emergency responders rush to the scene of an emergency.


Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR