All SCOTUS Justices Rule In Favor Of Trump In Colorado Ballot Case

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that the name of Former President Donald Trump must remain on the presidential primary ballot in Colorado.

In late 2023, the Colorado Supreme Court had ruled to remove Trump’s name from the Colorado ballot, claiming he was an insurrectionist when he incited the January 6th 2021 U.S. Capitol riot.

But SCOTUS  voted 9-nothing in favor of Trump’s name remaining on the ballot.

Trump celebrated the decision in a post on his social network site Truth Social, calling it a “big win for America.”

In its decision the Court said the responsibility for enforcing Section Three of the 14th Amendment against federal officeholders and candidates, rests with Congress and not the States.


Exterior of the Supreme Court of the United States in glow of early evening setting sun. Located close to US Capitol building in Washington DV, USA
used locally March 4th 2024

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR