Who Is Paying For The Latest Covid-19 Vaccine?

The new COVID-19 vaccine is hitting as many roadblocks as the previous Covid vaccines.

This time the problem is about who is paying for the vaccine.    Around the country, people with health insurance are finding out their  insurance company is balking at paying for the vaccine.

But the U-S Department of Health and Human Services, under the leadership of California’s Xavier Bacerra, who has no experience at all in health care,  says it is on top of the problem.

Bacerra has sent letters  to insurance companies reminding them of their obligation is to provide coverage and to pick up the tab for COVID-19 vaccines without any cost-sharing.

Those on Medicare or the welfare program Medi-CAL,  are also supposed to get the  COVID shots at no cost to them.

There are even programs set up so people without insurance can still get the vaccine at no cost to them.

Insurance companies can simply increase health care premiums in the future to recoup the cost of paying for vaccines for everyone.


A vaccination immunization syringe .

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR