Welcome To Loma Land

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital has unveiled Loma Land, a digital experience that blends technology and art — the first of its kind in a hospital setting.

Loma Land offers hospital visitors, patients and their families the opportunity to nurture their creativity and enhance overall well-being with art.

Personalized Forest Creatures: The adventure begins next to the security desk, with three colorful kiosk screens. Children visiting the hospital will have the opportunity to select their very own personalized forest creature, which will accompany them on their path to the elevators.

Customization and Creativity: These forest creatures are more than just digital companions; they can be decorated with a range of accessories and flair.

Release into the Wild: Children can “release” their forest creatures into the wild once the customization process is complete. This magical moment takes place on a 60-foot-wide screen that serves as their gateway into the world of this captivating digital experience. As they watch their creatures come to life, they will see them interact with the creations of others.

This project is 100% donor-funded.


New digital art display at Loma Linda (CA) University Children’s Hospital

Photo from Loma Linda CA University Children’s Hospital