Voting For Your Own Pay Raise; Riverside County Supervisors Ready To Give Themselves A Hefty Pay Hike

The Riverside County Board of Supervisors is poised  to pass a couple of ordinances and in the process, approve some hefty pay raises for the Supervisors.   Pay raises of about 19%.


Most of the Supervisors earn 190-thousand dollars a year now, and get another 6-grand a year in travel allowance money. Kevin Jeffries has declined all pay raises for the past 10 years.  He only gets 143-thousand dollars a year.


Chuck Washington gets 166-thousand dollars a year and has declined recent pay increases.


For the rest of them, V Manuel Perez, Karen Spiegel and Yxistian Gutierriez, it is show me the money honey, as they have voted in favor all pay raises for themselves.


The vote today will boost their pay another 35-thousand dollars a year, giving them an annual salary of more than 226-thousand dollars a year.


The Supervisors will also vote to hike the pay for the District Attorney and Sheriff putting their salaries close to 350-thousand dollars a year.


Increases for the  Auditor-Controller, the Assessor-Clerk-Recorder and the Treasurer-Tax Collector in the County will put them at almost a quarter of a million dollars a year in salary. 



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Photo from Alpha Media USA Portland OR