U S Senate Approves Aid For Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan; Bill Now Goes To The House

The U.S. Senate stayed up all night to finally approve a 95 billion dollar foreign aid package for Israel and Ukraine.

The vote was 70 to 29 in favor, coming early Tuesday morning Feb 13th 2024.

There are no provisions in this bill to beef up security on the U-S border with Mexico, no measures dealing with illegal immigration.

This is strictly a bill sending your tax dollars to Israel and Ukraine to help them in their ongoing wars. 61 billion dollars to Ukraine, 14 billion dollars to Israel, another nearly 5 billion dollars to Taiwan, and money for humanitarian aid overseas.

This bill now goes to the House of Representatives,  where Republicans are demanding it have some provisions for stopping thousands of illegal aliens who are crossing the U-S southern border illegally every day.


Three money bags and stacks of money on white with soft shadow.

Photo from Alpha Media USA Portland OR