Two Thieves From Texas Busted In Cabazon

You just never know what might be lurking on a street called Hidden Valley Parkway in Norco.

On Thursday October 26th at 10:02 a.m., a person made a large withdrawal of cash in the 1-hundred block of Hidden Valley Parkway in Norco. 

They put the money in the glove box of their car, and went back into the location where they had withdrawn the money.

Two guys from Texas had seen the person put the cash in the glove box, and quickly smashed a window, borke into the car, grabbed the money, then hopped into a getaway car that pulled up to the victim’s car.

An alert bystander saw it all unfold and called deputies, who chased down the suspect’s car in Cabazon, where authorities arrested 34 year old Fitzgerald Moses and 33 year old Denzel Lawson, both of Houston.

Both are jailed on 10-thousand dollars bail each for burglary and conspiracy.


Stash stolen from cars in Norco, suspects captured in Cabazon Oct 26th 2023

Photo from Riverside County Sheriffs Dept