Two Suspects Now In Custody…One Year After 2 Teens Were Murdered In Coachella

More than one year ago, on Thursday July 20th 2022, deputies responded to  Calle Geranio in Coachella to investigate a report of an assault with a deadly weapon. 

When deputies arrived, they found a 16-year old male and a 17-year old female, suffering from  gunshot wounds. 

Both victims died.

The suspects fled the scene.

In February 2023,  investigatiors caught up with an 18 year old man from Coachella and arrested him for murder.  Because the suspect was 17 at the time of the murders, his name is not being released.

On Tuesday Oct 24th 2023, deputies also arrested a 16 year old male in Coachella and booked him into Juvenile Hall in Indio on a murder charge.

His name won’t be released either.  At the time of the murders, he was only 15.


Empty Prison Cell.

Photo from Alpha Media USA Portland OR