Turkey Prices Too High?  Time For An Investigation

In the past 2 years the world has wrestled with the Covid-19 pandemic,  government lockdown of private business during the pandemic,  sky high unemployment during the pandemic,  and bountiful unemployment benefits that made it more lucrative to collect unemployment than to go to work.

Now, there are ships idling in harbors, unable to off-load their cargo.   There is a shortage of truck drivers willing to haul that cargo thousands of miles.   An overall shortage of labor nationwide.  So, supply chain issues have surfaced.

The cost of fuel, food, and everyday goods has jumped substantially in 2021.

Yet apparently oblivious to all of that is U-S Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is calling for using federal tax dollars from American workers, to have the U-S Justice Department  investigate why Thanksgiving turkey prices are higher this year.

Warren wants the DOJ to investigate poultry price-fixing.

The left-wing Massachusetts Democrat says poultry companies are abusing their market power, earning huge profits, and giving their CEO’s raises…and charging more for turkeys.


Raw turkey in roasting pan

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR