One man is in custody, one man is still on the run, and 3 dogs are missing following an early morning break-in at the Riverside County Animal Shelter in Jurupa Valley on September 14th 2022.


Authorities have arrested 21 year old Tymothy (sic) Burns Whitney.


Whitney know the woman who owns all 3 dogs.


County Animal Control officers confiscated the dog on September 3rd, after a report that the dogs were involved in a serious attack at a homeless camp near Van Buren and 56th Avenue in Jurupa Valley.


The dogs were being quarantined by the county at the time of the break-in at the shelter, which occurred at 4 in the morning on September 14th.


Two of the dogs are Pit Bulls, the other is a Germand Shepherd-Husky mix.


Photo and video from Riverside County Animal Services Dept