It has been nearly one month since 30 year old Robert Ruiz Jr tossed a pit bull dog over a razor wire-topped fence at a cell phone tower in Winchester.


The fence was 7 feet high.


The 8-year old dog somersaulted and landed on the ground, his back feet clipping the razor wire atop the fence.


The incident was captured on video surveillance cameras.


The dog named Ko, survived, suffering no major injurires.


He has been adopted by a woman in Orange County and has been renamed Ken.


On Thursday January 12th 2023, at 1 in the afternoon, Robert Ruiz Jr was arrested at home in Winchester.


Authorities confiscated a 1-year female pit bull that was in the home.


Another pit bull may have been abandoned by Ruiz, but has not been found.


Ruiz is facing a felony charge of animal cruelty and a misdemeanor charge of abandonment.



Photo and Video from Riverside County Animal Services Dept.