Extreme heat is expected in the Coachella Valley during the final week of April, from Monday April 27th through Thursday April 30th.

It will continue the hot trend which hung around the desert the final weekend in April.

The National Weather Service says high pressure will weaken Monday and cause a slight dip in temperatures, but conditions will strengthen on Tuesday and bring temperatures back up through Thursday.

Still temps from 100 to 105 will be the norm in the desert forr daytime highs.

There is an Excessive Heat WArning in effect for the desert through 9 p-m on Thursday April 30th.

You are advised to stay inside, drink plenty of fluids and check on neighbors.

Due to the closure of senior centers and community gathering places, for the Covid 19 pandemic, Riverside County has not opened up Cool Centers.

But County Health Officials are urging seniors to run their air conditioners.


Photo by Alpha Media USA Portland OR