SCOTUS Rules Presidents Have Some Immunity From Prosecution Regarding Decisions They Make While In Office

The United States Supreme Court has given Former President Donald Trump a big victory.

The Justices ruled 6-3 that  Trump has some immunity from prosecution, and is shielded on some levels from criminal charges for official acts he took while in office.

The ruling does not protect any President from prosecution from personal actions they take when they are no longer in office, or prior to getting into office.

And it is not just Donald Trump.  The decision applies to any President, even the current President, Joe Biden.

The decision means Trump’s election interference case will probably be delayed until after the November election.

The SCOTUS decision has no impact on the July 11th 2024 sentencing date for Trump in his New York hush-money case.


Exterior of the Supreme Court of the United States in glow of early evening setting sun. Located close to US Capitol building in Washington DV, USA
used locally March 4th 2024

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR