Scammers Target IID Customers

Scam artists are alive and well and trying to scam people in the Imperial Irrigation District.

IID says fraudulent activity is on the rise.

The district has received reports from several customers over the last few days, in both the Imperial and Coachella Valleys,.

Scammers will call you and threaten to disconnect your electricity if you don’t pay your bill immediately.

They will tell you to all a different phone number and give your credit card or debit card info and other private information.

IID says if a scammer calls, texts, or emails you, immediately call Imperial Irrigation Distirct at 800-303-7756.

You’ll be able to speak directly with an IID representative about your account and verify if IID was attempting to contact you.

Additionally, IID asks customers not to rely on caller ID. Many scammers have attempted to “spoof” IID’s telephone number (masking the district’s real phone number to make it look as if the IID is legitimately calling the customer).  

Don’t redial the number the scammers are calling from.

IID does have a process for disconnecting customers for nonpayment, but the district does not generally call residential customers demanding immediate payment. Rather, customers are notified by mail, door hangers or through IID’s automated courtesy-alert phone system. The district, also, does not insist on the specific method of payment (money order, pre-paid Visa card, etc.)

For more information on how to protect against fraud, visit



Imperial Irrigation Scam Warning May 2023

Photo/poster from Imperial Irrigation District EL Centro CA