Repeat Offender Arrested Again

18 year old Juan Madrigal of Coachella is in trouble again. 

He and a 15 year old kid have been arrested  on a variety of weapons charges, after deputies served a search warrant at a thome on Tyler Street in Coachella Wednesday afternoon May 15th 2024.

Deputies confiscated a 3 guns with no serial numbers, several high capacity magazines, and ammunition.

The firearms seized included an assault rifle and two Glock-style semi-automatic handguns. The two handguns were modified with a device commonly referred to as a “switch,” which converts the weapon into a fully automatic firearm.

Juan Madrigal was booked at the John Benoit Detention Center for possession of a machine gun,  a non-serialized loaded firearm, child endangerment, and violation of probation.

The 15-year-old juvenile was booked at Indio Juvenile Hall for possession of a non-serialized firearm,  a machine gun,  and ammunition.


Weapons Bust Coachella CA May 16th 2024

Photo from Riverside CA Sheriffs Dept