Racism Or History? Statue Of Former Mayor On Horseback Rubbing Some Folks The Wrong Way; Should It Go Or Stay?

There have been numerous battles of late to get rid of statues in various states; statues of influential people from crucial and often-times ugly periods in American history.

The Coachella Valley apparently won’t be spared from the latest ‘cancel history’ mentality.

We are just days away from a virtual meeting via Zoom in Palm Springs on September 29th 2021.

The Human Rights Commission is meeting jointly with the Palm Springs City Council, it’s eyes firmly focused on taking down the statue of Former Mayor Frank Bogert that stands in front of Palm Springs City Hall. The Commission has gone on record calling the statue offensive and linking Bogert with what the Commission calls “the present realities of systemic racism.” 

The Commission is pushing to remove the statue and wants a public apology for the ugly history of Section 14 in the City of Palm Springs back in the 18 and 19-hundreds.

A group called Friends of Frank Bogert is defending the character of the late Mayor, countering some of the criticism being aimed at Bogert by people who want to see his statue taken down.  The Friends of Frank Bogert are calling on the City of Palm Springs to delay the September 29th meeting.

Palm Springs City Attorney Jeff Ballinger responds saying “The City of Palm Springs has been made aware of several allegations brought forward by the Friends of Frank Bogert. We are confident that there is no legal or public policy-based reason for the City to accept their demands. The allegations are baseless and should have no bearing on the City Council’s consideration of the matter on Sept. 29.”



City Hall in Palm Springs, CA at night.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR