Pro-Crime Democrats In Sacramento Reassess; Now Support Legislation To Make Child Sex Trafficking A Felony In California

Democrats in the the California Legislature who had previously opposed a new law that would make child sex trafficking a serious felony in California, have turned tail and come to their senses.

Now they are supporting the bill, and have helped pass it and send to to Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk.

This after a public outcry over the idea that child sex trafficking would only be a misdemeanor crime and therefore would not constitute a 3rd strike violation on the criminal resume of repeat offenders.

The bill, authored by Republican State Senator Shannon Grove, has now gotten bipartisan support and has been passed unanimously in the California, after having been blocked earlier by some pro-criminal Democrats.

They reversed their decisions after backlash from some prominent Democrats and California voters.

Gavin Newsom has until October 14th 2023 to sign the measure into law.



Two school boys walking in a crosswalk, heading to school on a sunny morning.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR