President Of Mexico In War Of Words With U-S Senator Over Kidnapping, Murder Of Americans In Mexico

It’s a war of words now between the United States and Mexico.

The President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, is well known as a leftist.

He says he does not  want to use military force to deal with the violent drug cartels in his nation.

And his says no foreign government will get involved in Mexico’s  affairs.

Obrador’s comments are aimed at the United States, coming just one day after U-S Senator Lindsey Graham of South Caroline, said he’ll introduce legislation to designate a group of  Mexican drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations.

That could give the U.S. broader authority to international cartels and their conspirators.

Graham will also seek authorization to allow the U.S. military to go into Mexico and destroy drug labs.

Graham says Mexican drug cartels are trafficking deadly fentanyl into the U-S, killing tens of thousands of Americans.

There are no assurances Graham’s plans would even make it through a liberal  Democrat-controlled U-S Senate.

All of this after four Americans were  kidnapped on March 3rd 2023 in northern Mexico, crossing the border south of Brownsville Texas, to get plastic surgery in the town of Matarmoros.   They started their trip in South Carolina.

Two of those Americans were killed and the other two are hospitalized in Brownsville, Texas.

There are some reports indicating there may have been a fifth person in the victim’s car.


USA flag and Mexico flag

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR