Potholes On The Road, Red Tape In The Claims Department

Pothole damage claims are surging in California, but most are going unapproved.

CALTRANS data indicates that damage claims for the first half of 2023 were three times more than each previous full year going back to 2018.

Meanwhile, CALTRANS payouts to drivers making those claims,  have dropped by half.

California law allows drivers to sue CALTRANS if a claim is denied,  and the agency was aware of an existing pothole and did nothing about it.

However, drivers have six months to file a lawsuit,  and a public information request is often required.

CALTRANS routinely waits seven months to reply with information you need to support your claim.  By then, the deadline for the lawsuit has expired.


Orange traffic cone in a pothole on a quiet neighborhood street.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR