Pot Busts Galore

There’s no telling how much marijuana is being illegally grown in Anza.


But there is no end in sight.


On Thursday, September 16th, 2021, Riverside County Sheriffs department personnel joined the California National Guard, California Depaartment of Justice, California Fish and Wildlife and the Bureau of Land Management.

They served search warrants at six locations in Anza.

They grabbed 1,720 marijuana plants, 800 pounds of processed marijuana, and all of weighed 4 tons.

They arrested Anthony Bounkhong and Andrew Bounkhong of Fresno, for Cultivation of Marijuana and Possession for Sales of Marijuana.


An even bigger bust has taken  place in the Inland Empire.


Thirty-one people have been arrested after several illegal marijuana growing operations were raided by San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies during the week of September 13th 2021.


Authorities seized 30-thousand marijuana plants, six-thousand pounds of processed marijuana, and shut down 130 illegal greenhouses in the cities of Chino Hills and Fontana. 


Close-up of marijuana plant growing outdoors.

Photo from Alpha Media Palm Springs CA