A man wanted for a robbery in Palm Springs is in custody, but not until he put up a fight and forced the lockdown of a local school.

Police in Palm Springs saw Juan Ortiz near Calle El Segundo and Ramon Road around 1:45 Tuesday afternoon November 12th.

When Ortiz saw them, he ran, cutting through several gated neighborhoods.

A CHP helicopter was called in, as residents gave police information about where Ortiz was.

Ortiz made it to Ramon and Farrell, as police cornered him in the parking lot at St Theresa’s School, prompting a lockdown of the school, as Ortiz fought with police officers.

At 2:44 p-m police took Ortiz into custody.

Now you can add resisting arrest to the robbery charge.

There are no injuries to report and no other suspects.


Photo by Palm Springs Police Dept.